Radhuni Radhuni Radhuni Radhuni Radhuni

Radhuni Hyderabadi Biryani Masala

Available In

45 gm

 Required Ingredients and Quantities:

Meat- 1 kg (beef/ mutton or chicken)                                           Jorda/ Yellow food color- ¼ teaspoon

Basmati Rice or Chashi  Aromatic Rice-500 g                                          Raisin- ¼ cup (250 ml sized cup)

Radhuni Hyderabadi Biryani Masala- 45 g or 1 packet                  Chopped cashew nut-10-12pcs

Chopped onion- 2 cups (250 ml sized cup)                                      Chopped boiled egg-3 pcs

Edible oil- 1 ½ cup (250 ml sized cup)

Sour yogurt- ½ cup (250 ml sized cup)

Lemon juice- 1 tablespoon

Chopped coriander leaf – ½ cup (250ml sized cup)

Chopped mint leaf – ½ cup (250ml sized cup)

Chopped green chilli- 4 pcs

Milk – ¼ cup


  1. Heat oil to fry the chopped onions till golden brown and put off flame. Once cold, crush it and keep half quantity aside.

  2. Mix the other half of the crushed fried onion with the meat, add sour yogurt, lemon juice, Radhuni Hyderabadi Biryani Masala (1 whole pack) & salt as required. Marinate for 30 minutes.

  3.  After marinating, cook the meat until cooked through and make a thick gravy.

  4. Chop green chilli, coriander leaf and mint leaf. Wash rice and soak it in water. Dissolve jarda or yellow color in milk and keep aside.

  5. In a separate pan, boil soaked rice with 2 ½ liters water and 2 tablespoons salt and boil till half done. Then strain water in a sieve and keep aside.

  6. In a big pan take the boiled meat and spread chopped green chilli, coriander leaves and mint leaves on it.  Then spread the half boiled rice on meat. After that on the layer of rice, spread raisins, chopped cashew nut, crushed onion and jorda color dissolved in milk.  Cover the vessel & cook on high heat for 1 minute & then simmer in low heat for 25-30 minutes.

  7. During serving, mix chopped boiled egg with biryani and serve hot.

*Suitable for 5-6 persons.


Nutrition Facts of Hydrabadi Biryani Masala   
pack size 45 gm        
Nutrition Facts       
5 serving per container       
Serving Size      10 g (0.35 oz.) 
Amount per serving       
Calories      37  
      % Daily Value*
Total Fat  1 g     1%  
  Saturated  0 g     0%  
  Trans 0 g        
Cholesterol 0 mg     0%  
Sodium  0 mg     0%  
Total Carbohydrate 6 g   2%  
   Dietary Fiber 3 g     11%  
    Total Sugars 2 g        
      Includes 2 g Added Sugars   4%  
Protein 1  g        
Vitamin D  1 mcg     5%  
Calcium  40 mg     3%  
Iron 2 mg      11%  
Potassium  100 mg     2%  
* The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diest. 2000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

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